What actually happened on 17th June ? Full Details

What actually happened on 17th June  Full Details
What actually happened on 17th June  Full Details

What actually happened on 17th June  Full Details

In June, There is 30 Day in a Month. And, as you know that 17 June is the 17th Day of this Month (June)

If we see according to Calender, 17 June is 168th day of the Year. Or, There i only 197 Days Left in the end of the Year.

Now, We see on this day which famous celebrity birthday was there. Or who is his?

  • * On 17 June, 1530, “Francois de Montmorency” He was an Scientist and French nobleman.
  • * On 17 June, 1610, “Birgitte Thott” He was an Danish scholar, translator, and writer
  • * On 17 June, 1631, “Gauharara Begum” She was an Mughal (Islamic) daughter of Shah Jahan (Who make Taj Mahal)
  • * On 17 June 1691, “Giovanni Paolo Panini” He was an Very Talented Italian painter and architect.
  • * On 17 June, 1693, “Johann Georg Walch” He was an German theologian and author.
  • * On 17 June, 1704, “John Kay” He was an English engineer, And he also invented the Flying shuttle (Very Important for Flying Vehicles like Areoplane, Jet Plane, Helicoptor).
  • * On 17 June, 1714, “Cesar Francois Cassini de Thury” He was an French cartographer, and astronomer.
  • * On 17 June, 1800, “William Parsons” He was an ‘3rd Earl of Rosse’, English-Irish politician, and astronomer.
  • * On 17 June, 1808, “Henrik Wergeland” He was an Norwegian poet, linguist, and playwright.
  • * On 17 June, 1821, “E.G. Squier” He was an American archaeologist and journalist.
  • * On 17 June, 1858, “Eben Sumner Draper” He was an American politician, and Skillful Businessman, And he was also an 44th Governor of Massachusetts.
  • * On 17 June, 1867, “John Robert Gregg” He was an Irish-born American educator, Humanitarian, and Publisher.
  • * On 17 June, 1871, “James Weldon Johnson” He was an American journalist, author, and activist.
  • * On 17 June, 1876, “Edward Anthony Spitzka” He was an American author, and anatomist.
  • * On 17 June, 1880, “Carl Van Vechten” He was an American photographer, and author.
  • * On 17 June, 1881, “Tommy Burns” He was an Canadian promoter, and boxer.
  • * On 17 June, 1882, “Igor Stravinsky” He was an Russian pianist, conductor, and composer 
  • * On 17 June, 1897, “Maria Izilda de Castro Ribeiro” She was an Brazilian girl, Famous saint.
  • * On 17 June, 1898, “Carl Hermann” He was an German physicist and academic
  • * On 17 June, 1900, “Evelyn Irons” He was an Scottish journalist and war correspondent.
  • * On 17 June, 1902, “Sammy Fain” He was an American pianist and composer.
  • * On 17 June, 1903, “Ruth Graves Wakefield” He was an American chef, And also created the chocolate chip cookie
  • * On 17 June, 1904, “John Vernon McGee” He was an American pastor and theologian.
  • * On 17 June, 1907, “Maurice Cloche” He was an French director, screenwriter, and producer.
  • * On 17 June, 1909, “Elmer Lee Andersen” American businessman and politician, 30th Governor of Minnesota.
  • * On 17 June, 1910, “Red Foley” He was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.
  • * On 17 June, 1915, “David Stringbean Akeman” He was an very nice American singer and banjo player.
  • * On 17 June, 1917, “Dufferin Roblin” He was an Canadian politician, And also be the 14th Premier of Manitoba.
  • * On 17 June, 1919, “John Moffat” He was an Scottish lieutenant and pilot.
  • * On 17 June, 1920, “Francois Jacob” He was an Great French biologist and geneticist, And also win Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 17 June, 1920, “Peter Le Cheminant” He was an English air marshal and politician, And also be the ‘Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey’.
  • * On 17 June, 1927, “Wally Wood” He was an American author, illustrator, and publisher. 
  • * On 17 June, 1929, “Bud Collins” He was an Famous American journalist and sportscaster.
  • * On 17 June, 1931, “John Baldessari” He was an American painter and illustrator.
  • * On 17 June, 1936, “Ken Loach” He was an English director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • * On 17 June, 1937, “Clodovil Hernandes” He was an Famous Brazilian fashion designer, politician, and television presenter.
  • * On 17 June, 1940, “George Akerlof” He was an Knowledgeable American economist and academic, And also was a Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 17 June, 1943, “Newt Gingrich” He was an Great American historian and politician, And also was a 58th Speaker of the United States (USA) House of Representatives.
  • * On 17 June, 1944, “Chris Spedding” He was an English singer-songwriter and guitarist.
  • * On 17 June, 1945, “Ken Livingstone” He was an English politician, 1st Mayor of London.
  • * On 17 June, 1945, “Art Bell” He was an American broadcaster and author, And also be one of the founder and the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM (Coast to Coast AM is an American late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics. Most frequently the topics relate to either the paranormal).
  • * On 17 June, 1947, “Gregg Rolie” He was an American rock singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Santana, Journey).
  • * On 17 June, 1948, “Dave Concepcion” He was an Venezuelan baseball player and manager.

And Now, Let’s Talk about some Holidays on 17 June. And, Where these holiday from.

  • * World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought: On 17 June, World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought was Celebrated in International.
  • * Zemla Intifada Day: On 17 June, Zemla Intifada Day was Celebrated in (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic).
  • * Occupation of the Latvian Republic Day: On 17 June, Occupation of the Latvian Republic Day was celebrated in Latvia.
  • * Father’s Day: On 17 June, Father’s Day was celebrated in El Salvador, Guatemala.

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