Albatross Media Is An Broadcasting And Entertainment Agency Full Details

Albatross Media

Albatross Media is an broadcasting and entertainment agency. It provide various thing to there client and always having the hard work to do and get success In there work.
Albatross media director and owner is Imran Shaikh. He was work with many shows and production agency
Albatross Media is provides simple media solutions to complex marketing problems.
1. Devising Planning Guidelines
We set media objectives that best reflect the category and brand requirements. We insist on using existing research data, supplemented with our own analysis, as it is a benchmark against competition and visible or successful brands that target the same consumer.
2. Developing Annual Media Plans
We develop an annual media strategy for each individual brand and for the company as a whole, based on marketing & advertising objectives. This forms the base for our recommendations for the ideal budget, the right media-mix and weights by media, vehicle mix, scheduling strategies and sponsorship strategies to achieve the objectives. Lastly, we set brand-wise CPRP goals to drive efficiency.
3. Tracking with Monthly Media Plans
We conceptualise monthly plans and flag off variances if any, from annual plans. Brand-wise CPRP checks are done against pre-set goals. Feedback from monthly plans are factored into the planning cycle, to safeguard against dynamics of the media-marketplace.
4. Competition Analysis
We carry out a monthly analysis on competition’s media activities and their effect on our brands.
5. Audience Delivery Analysis
A periodical analysis on the target audiences’ media consumption habits is done. (Example: IRS updates, TV viewership trends etc.), based on which, we provide recommendations for changes, if any, in brand media strategy or review buying decisions.
6. Portfolio Management
We develop differentiated brand media plans customised for national and local marketing needs. If media segmentation among similar brands is desired, a detailed analysis of the same is carried out, and recommendations are made. An overall company-level media philosophy is created and adhered to.
7. Media Research
We provide strategic recommendations about how media theory and findings should direct media choices and planning decisions for individual brands and the company as a whole.
Our thrust is on working together with the company’s research team to interpret research findings and applying the same for better media value. (Eg. Ad-track)
Analysis of specific channels, markets and media is undertaken from time to time and the resulting recommendations are fed into the planning & buying process.
8. Financials 
We have set up systems to monitor and control estimation, billing, statements of accounts  and any other financial MIS that may be required.
9. MIS 
Monthly schedules, post-buy report, important developments in media (as and when), media newsletter, etc. are shared and records, maintained.
10. Training
We have developed and formalised a media planning and buying orientation program for company executives & trainees, having recognised the importance of formal training on the subject.
We provide turnkey services in the OOH space including:
1. Research and insight-based strategic campaign planning
2. Media buying
3. Conceptualisation and development of creative ideas and innovations
4. Campaign execution
5. Monitoring
6. Evaluation
Have something to say, shout or go viral? Our 360 degree communication specialists can craft solutions across:
Brand Strategy
Corporate Branding
Packaging Design
Digital Films 
Website Design
Point of Sale
Corporate AVs
We also provide concepts for:
Nurturing sustainable PR communication to establish a robust channel amongst stakeholders has been the foundation of our growth. Experience, insights and localized understanding of the market are the tools that help us achieve client delight.
What does your brand need?
1. Research & Insights
Dwelling into data, consumer/channel engagements and conversations to get the right communication for the brand.
2. Strategy, Planning & Execution
From the inception of an idea, to delivering the required numbers – our brand teams take a strong ownership for measurable results.
3. Corporate & Brand PR
Communication that lives the essence of the brand and helps achieve measurable & visibly impactful goals.
4. Influencer Marketing & Blogger Outreach
With a network of influencers from various backgrounds we are able to connect your brand with the right influencer to orchestrate a communication plan that helps deliver the required message.
5. Digital PR
Optimum utilization of new media ensures presence on relevant platforms. We have delivered many successful campaigns in the social and digital space.
6. ‘Always On’ PR
There will never be a dull moment for the brand. What is ‘PR draught’ anyway?
7. Media Training
We love the paparazzi, and we know exactly how to make them love you too.
8. Crisis Management
This one’s our favourite – don’t panic. We will breathe this through calmly with you.
9. Reputation Management
A good product without an honest reputation rarely finds success in the market. Keeping ethics in place, we help brands enhance their reputation to engage with the right audience.
10. Internal Communications and Employee Engagement
Employees are the ultimate ambassadors of the brand. From giving them the right information to empowering them to form a success path, we do it all.
Making the world better by enhancing brand reputation.
We go beyond words and believe in actions which create an impact on the brand’s ecosystem. We have experience in the following categories:
1. FMCG 2. Beauty 3. Healthcare 4. Lifestyle5. Fashion 6. Technology 7. Hospitality 8. Aviation9. Luxury 10. Travel & Tourism11. Corporate Social Responsibility
1) In-Film Advertising
2) Cobranded Promotions
3) Digital Content: We provide end-to-end services for brands, from conceptualizing to the execution of web-series & independent digital films as per the brands’ brief and communication.
4) Music Videos: Collaboration with top music companies like T-series, Sony Music India, etc. to create exclusive music videos for brands keeping in mind their brand communication.