Fukrey Returns | Full Movie | Review | Box office Collection

Fukrey Returns | full Movie | Review |

 Artist :         Pulkit Samrat, Richa Chadda, Ali Faizal, Manjot Singh, Varun Sharma

Directo :             Mrigdeep Singh lamba

Movie Type :       Comedy,Thriller

Time Period :    2 Hour 15 Minute 

Movie Rating :    


In the year 2013, the film ‘Fukrey made a special identity in the heart of the people. The film’s comedy was very good and new characters acted very well. The makers of the film have made a second part of it to make the audience laugh. ‘Fukrey Returns’ has been released on December 8. Know how this movie is made

Stroy Of  Fukrey Returns
Whenever there is talk of strayed youths in films, as this age is the reason that some silly and some smart characters are fabricated. One such movie is ‘Fukrey Returns’.
After school study, friendship of Honey (Pulkit Samrat) and Chucha (Varun Sharma) did not diminish.The story of ‘Fukrey Returns’ is similar to the story of four friends like ‘Fukre’. Manjot Singh, Pulakit Samrat, Varun Sharma and Ali Fazal Those who had sent Bhola to Bhola in Phukre, Ritcha Chadha was sent to jail. Bholei comes out of the jail and collects all four and compels new frogs. How the four of them are trapped in this trap and come out, this story is made on ‘Fukka Returns’.

The director takes the film very well till the director Mrigdeep Singh Interval, but after the interval the film gets out of control. Poor dialogue and civilizational comedy makes the repetition view cumbersome.

Talking about acting, Pankaj Tripathi has given a great performance. Richa Chadha is seen in her role. All actors try to live on their own according to their character. But the weaker story has turned all over!

The box office has been lying drought since last 3 weeks. The audience lacks the option, in such a situation, ‘Fukrey Returns’ will do business but, like ‘Fukrey’, it will not be able to drop its marks. Overall, ‘Fukrey Returns’ is an average film that can be avoided.

Fukrey Returns Box Office Collection

According to a latest report on BoxofficeIndia.com, the film has raked in as much as Rs 64.50 crore in just ten days of its release with Sunday’s collection being Rs 6.75 crore.


Padman | Trailer | Review | Storey | Akshya Kumar |

Padman | Triler | Review | Storey | Akshya Kumar |

New Delhi: Waiting for the trailer of ‘Padman’ movie finally ended, which till now millions of people have watched. The specialty of the film, which was created by the brilliant act of broken English, is attracting people’s attention on a serious topic. The same old style of Akshay is seen in the film. They are talking about a laughing job, and are making a precise target. Exactly like ‘Toilet: a love story’ This time too, their goal is to talk about half the population. The film trailer starts like an action movie dialogue The movie trailer is 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Which begins with the strong voice of Bollywood legend actor Amitabh Bachchan. using the finest dialogue, says, ‘America has Superman, Batman is a Spider Man but India has’ Padman’.

Real hero of the Padman

Arunachalam is based on the real life story of a person named Muruganatham. Arunachalam made cheap and Affordable Sanitary pads for women, for which they had to face tough challenges. This film reflects their struggle. When Muruganath was younger, only then his father died in a road accident, after which his mother had wage wages, which led to him being removed from the school, to run the house, due to which he would be working at the age of 14 Today, he is known as the country‘s entrepreneur on his hard work, the same Muruganatham says that he wants to use the women sanitary napkins of every village

Realise Date of Padman 
Akshay Kumar’s movie will be released on Republic Day tomorrow