What actually happened on 16th June ? Full Details

What actually happened on 16th June ? Full Details
What actually happened on 16th June ? Full Details

In June, There is 30 Day in a Month. And, as you know that 16 Juneis the 16th Day of this Month (June)

If we see according to Calender, 16 June is 167th day of the Year. Or, There i only 198 Days Left in the end of the Year.

Now, We see on this day which famous celebrity birthday was there. Or who is his?
* On 16 June, 1139, “Konoe” he was the Emperor of Japan

* On 16 June, 1332, “Isabella de Coucy” she was English Daughter of Edward 3 (III) of England.

* On 16 June, 1591, “Joseph Solomon Delmedigo” He was a  mathematician, theorist, and Greek
Italian physician.

* On 16 June, 1644, ” Henrietta Anne Stuart” She was a Princess of Scotland, Ireland, and England.

* On 16 June, 1801, “Julius Pl├╝cker” He was a German mathematician and physicist.

* On 16 June, 1838, “Frederic Archer” He was a Conductor, English organist, and Composer.

* On 16 June, 1840, “Ernst Otto Schlick” He was a German engineer and a Great author.

* On 16 June, 1888, “Peter Stoner” He was a Very Experinced astronomer, and American

* On 16 June, 1890, “Stan Laurel” He was a English actor and Good comedian.

* On 16 June, 1906, “Alan Fairfax’ He was a Perfect Player of that time Australian cricketer.

* On 16 June, 1907, “Jack Albertson” He was a Great American actor.

* On 16 June, 1922, “Ilmar Kullam” He was a Estonian basketball player and coach and In his
Coaching Many Time Estonian Basketball Team Catch the Match. And they win many tournaments also.

* On 16 June, 1934, “Roger Neilson” He was a Canadian ice hockey player and coach. He was a Nice and Talented Coach.

* On 16 June, 1938, “Joyce Carol Oates” He was a very talented men and he was a short story writer, critic, Poet, and American novelist.

* On 16 June, 1942, “Eddie Levert” He was a American R&B/soul singer-songwriter, Actor, and Musician.

* On 16 June, 1945, “Lucienne Robillard” He was a Skillful and Kind Hearted Canadian social worker and politician, 59th Secretary of Canada.

* On 16 June, 1946, “Derek Sanderson” He was Smart and He know the Trick to Win there Matches Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster.

* On 16 June, 1947, “Tom Wyner” Profession is producer, English-American voice actor, screenwriter, and director.

* On 16 June, 1950, “Mithun Chakraborty” He was a Very Famous Indian Actor. And he was know as is an Indian film actor, social worker, singer, entrepreneur, writer, producer, television presenter and a former Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament

* On 16 June, 1965, “Michael Richard Lynch” He was a very Intelligent and Profession is Irish computer scientist and entrepreneur, And he was also co-founded HP Autonomy (HP Autonomy, previously Autonomy Corporation PLC, is a multinational enterprise software company founded in Cambridge, United Kingdom in 1996).

* On 16 June, 1966, “Phil Vischer” He was a Good American Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, and director. And also co-created VeggieTales (VeggieTales is an American series of children’s computer animated television shows, videos, and feature films featuring anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables).

* On 16 June, 1970, “Younus AlGohar” He was a Great Pakistani poet and academic; And also a co-founded Messiah Foundation International (Messiah Foundation International also known as ‘MFI’. Or Messiah Foundation International (MFI) is a spiritual organisation formally established in 2002 to promote the Goharian).

* On 16 June, 1974, “Glenicia James” He was a West Indian cricketer.

* On 16 June, 1987, “Diana DeGarmo” She was a Very Good American singer-songwriter and Talented actress.

* On 16 June, 1991, “Matt Moylan” He was a Australian rugby league player. From Australian Rugby Team he plays many league and get win also.

And Now, Let’s Talk about some Holidays on 16 June. And, Where these holiday from.

* Youth Day: On 16 June, Youth day was Celebrated in South Africa.

* Father’s Day: On 16 June, Father’s Day was Celebrated in Seychelles.

* Sussex Day: On 16 June, Sussex Day was Celebrated in Sussex.

* Engineer’s Day: On 16 June, Engineer’s Day was Celebrated in Argentina.

* International Day of the African Child: On 16 June, International Day of the African Child was
Celebrated in Organisation of African Unity.

* Brithday of Leonard Percival Howell: On 16 June, Brithday of Leonard Percival Howell was celebrated in Rastafari.

* Blooms day: On 16 June, Blooms day was celebrated in Dublin and Ireland.