Albatross Media Is An Broadcasting And Entertainment Agency Full Details

Albatross Media

Albatross Media is an broadcasting and entertainment agency. It provide various thing to there client and always having the hard work to do and get success In there work.
Albatross media director and owner is Imran Shaikh. He was work with many shows and production agency
Albatross Media is provides simple media solutions to complex marketing problems.
1. Devising Planning Guidelines
We set media objectives that best reflect the category and brand requirements. We insist on using existing research data, supplemented with our own analysis, as it is a benchmark against competition and visible or successful brands that target the same consumer.
2. Developing Annual Media Plans
We develop an annual media strategy for each individual brand and for the company as a whole, based on marketing & advertising objectives. This forms the base for our recommendations for the ideal budget, the right media-mix and weights by media, vehicle mix, scheduling strategies and sponsorship strategies to achieve the objectives. Lastly, we set brand-wise CPRP goals to drive efficiency.
3. Tracking with Monthly Media Plans
We conceptualise monthly plans and flag off variances if any, from annual plans. Brand-wise CPRP checks are done against pre-set goals. Feedback from monthly plans are factored into the planning cycle, to safeguard against dynamics of the media-marketplace.
4. Competition Analysis
We carry out a monthly analysis on competition’s media activities and their effect on our brands.
5. Audience Delivery Analysis
A periodical analysis on the target audiences’ media consumption habits is done. (Example: IRS updates, TV viewership trends etc.), based on which, we provide recommendations for changes, if any, in brand media strategy or review buying decisions.
6. Portfolio Management
We develop differentiated brand media plans customised for national and local marketing needs. If media segmentation among similar brands is desired, a detailed analysis of the same is carried out, and recommendations are made. An overall company-level media philosophy is created and adhered to.
7. Media Research
We provide strategic recommendations about how media theory and findings should direct media choices and planning decisions for individual brands and the company as a whole.
Our thrust is on working together with the company’s research team to interpret research findings and applying the same for better media value. (Eg. Ad-track)
Analysis of specific channels, markets and media is undertaken from time to time and the resulting recommendations are fed into the planning & buying process.
8. Financials 
We have set up systems to monitor and control estimation, billing, statements of accounts  and any other financial MIS that may be required.
9. MIS 
Monthly schedules, post-buy report, important developments in media (as and when), media newsletter, etc. are shared and records, maintained.
10. Training
We have developed and formalised a media planning and buying orientation program for company executives & trainees, having recognised the importance of formal training on the subject.
We provide turnkey services in the OOH space including:
1. Research and insight-based strategic campaign planning
2. Media buying
3. Conceptualisation and development of creative ideas and innovations
4. Campaign execution
5. Monitoring
6. Evaluation
Have something to say, shout or go viral? Our 360 degree communication specialists can craft solutions across:
Brand Strategy
Corporate Branding
Packaging Design
Digital Films 
Website Design
Point of Sale
Corporate AVs
We also provide concepts for:
Nurturing sustainable PR communication to establish a robust channel amongst stakeholders has been the foundation of our growth. Experience, insights and localized understanding of the market are the tools that help us achieve client delight.
What does your brand need?
1. Research & Insights
Dwelling into data, consumer/channel engagements and conversations to get the right communication for the brand.
2. Strategy, Planning & Execution
From the inception of an idea, to delivering the required numbers – our brand teams take a strong ownership for measurable results.
3. Corporate & Brand PR
Communication that lives the essence of the brand and helps achieve measurable & visibly impactful goals.
4. Influencer Marketing & Blogger Outreach
With a network of influencers from various backgrounds we are able to connect your brand with the right influencer to orchestrate a communication plan that helps deliver the required message.
5. Digital PR
Optimum utilization of new media ensures presence on relevant platforms. We have delivered many successful campaigns in the social and digital space.
6. ‘Always On’ PR
There will never be a dull moment for the brand. What is ‘PR draught’ anyway?
7. Media Training
We love the paparazzi, and we know exactly how to make them love you too.
8. Crisis Management
This one’s our favourite – don’t panic. We will breathe this through calmly with you.
9. Reputation Management
A good product without an honest reputation rarely finds success in the market. Keeping ethics in place, we help brands enhance their reputation to engage with the right audience.
10. Internal Communications and Employee Engagement
Employees are the ultimate ambassadors of the brand. From giving them the right information to empowering them to form a success path, we do it all.
Making the world better by enhancing brand reputation.
We go beyond words and believe in actions which create an impact on the brand’s ecosystem. We have experience in the following categories:
1. FMCG 2. Beauty 3. Healthcare 4. Lifestyle5. Fashion 6. Technology 7. Hospitality 8. Aviation9. Luxury 10. Travel & Tourism11. Corporate Social Responsibility
1) In-Film Advertising
2) Cobranded Promotions
3) Digital Content: We provide end-to-end services for brands, from conceptualizing to the execution of web-series & independent digital films as per the brands’ brief and communication.
4) Music Videos: Collaboration with top music companies like T-series, Sony Music India, etc. to create exclusive music videos for brands keeping in mind their brand communication.

June 18th: What Happen On This Day

18th June Full Details
June 18th: What Happen On This Day

In June, There is 30 Day in a Month. And, as you know that 18 June is the 18th Day of this Month (June)

If we see according to Calender, 18 June is 169th day of the Year. Or, There is only 196 Days Left in the end of the Year.

Now, We see on this day which famous celebrity birthday was there. Or who is his?


  • * On 18 June, 1332, “John V. Palaiologos” He was an Emperor of Byzantine.
  • * On 18 June, 1511, “Bartolomeo Ammannati” He was an Expert Italian architect and sculptor, And he was also designed the Ponte Santa Trinita (The Ponte Santa Trìnita is a Renaissance bridge in Florence, Italy, spanning the Arno. The Ponte Santa Trìnita is the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world).
  • * On 18 June, 1677, “Antonio Maria Bononcini” He was an Italian cellist and composer.
  • * On 18 June, 1716, “Joseph Marie Vien” He was an Skillful French painter and educator.
  • * On 18 June, 1757, “Ignaz Pleyel” He was an Austrian French pianist and composer.
  • * On 18 June, 1757, “Gervasio Antonio de Posadas” He was an Argentinian lawyer and politician. And also become the 1st Supreme Director of the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata.
  • * On 18 June, 1769, “Robert Stewart” He was an Viscount Castlereagh, Irish-English politician, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.
  • * On 18 June, 1799, “William Lassell” He was an English astronomer and merchant.
  • * On 18 June, 1812, “Ivan Goncharov” He was an Russian journalist and author.
  • * On 18 June, 1816, “Helene Napoleone Bonaparte” She was the French daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • * On 18 June, 1834, “Auguste-Theodore Paul de Broglie” He was an French philosopher and academic
  • * On 18 June, 1845, “Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran” He was an French French physician and parasitologist, And he was also The Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 18 June, 1854, “Edward Willis Scripps” He was an American publisher, And He was also founded the E. W. Scripps Company (The E. W. Scripps Company is an American broadcasting company founded in 1878 as a chain of daily newspapers by Edward Willis “E. W.” Scripps).
  • * On 18 June, 1857, “Henry Clay Folger” He was an Talented American businessman and philanthropist, And he was also founded the Folger Shakespeare Library (Home to the world’s largest Shakespeare collection, the Folger welcomes scholars, arts lovers, teachers, students, and other visitors).
  • * On 18 June, 1858, “Andrew Forsyth” He was an Scottish-English mathematician and academic.
  • * On 18 June, 1863, “George Essex Evans” He was an English-Australian poet and author.
  • * On 18 June, 1884, “Edouard Daladier” He was an French captain and politician, And He also become The “Prime Minister of France”.
  • * On 18 June, 1900, “Vlasta Vraz” He was an Czech-American relief worker, editor, and fundraiser.
  • * On 18 June, 1903, “Jeanette MacDonald” He was an American actress and singer.
  • * On 18 June, 1904, “Manuel Rosenthal” He was an French conductor and composer.
  • * On 18 June, 1907, “Frithjof Schuon” He was an Professional Swiss-American metaphysicist, author, and philosopher.
  • * On 18 June, 1908, “Bud Collyer” He was an American actor and game show host.
  • * On 18 June, 1910, “Ray McKinley” He was an American singer, bandleader, and drummer.
  • * On 18 June, 1913, “Sammy Cahn” He was an American composer and pianist.
  • * On 18 June, 1913, “Francoise Loranger” He was an Canadian playwright and producer.
  • * On 18 June, 1913, “Robert Mondavi” He was an American winemaker and philanthropist.
  • * On 18 June, 1916, “Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala” He was an Colombian lawyer and politician, And He also become The 25th President of Colombia.
  • * On 18 June, 1918, “Alf Francis” He was born in West Prussia, And He was an English motor racing mechanic and racing car constructor.
  • * On 18 June, 1918, “Jerome Karle” He was an Skillful American chemist and academic, And He was also Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 18 June, 1918, “Franco Modigliani” He was an Italian-American economist and academic, And He was also Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 18 June, 1920, “Lode Van Den Bergh” He was an Belgian author and academic.
  • * On 18 June, 1924, “George Mikan” He was an American basketball player and coach.
  • * On 18 June, 1926, “Philip Bayard Crosby” He was an Professional American businessman and author.
  • * On 18 June, 1928, “David Thoreson Lykken” He was an American geneticist and academic.
  • * On 18 June, 1929, “Tibor Rubin” He was an Hungarian-American soldier, And He also prouded by “Medal of Honor recipient”.
  • * On 18 June, 1931, “Fernando Henrique Cardoso” He was an Brazilian sociologist, politician, and academic, And He also become The 34th President of Brazil.
  • * On 18 June, 1932, “Dudley Robert Herschbach” American chemist and academic, And He was also Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 18 June, 1933, “Colin Brumby” He was an Australian composer and conductor.
  • * On 18 June, 1937, “Jay Rockefeller” He was an American lawyer and politician, And He also become The 29th Governor of West Virginia.
  • * On 18 June, 1939, “Jean Claude Germain” He was an Canadian journalist, author, and historian.
  • * On 18 June, 1942, “Thabo Mbeki” He was an South African politician, And He also become The 23rd President of South Africa.
  • * On 18 June, 1944, “Bruce DuMont” He was an American broadcaster and political analyst.
  • * On 18 June, 1947, “Ivonne Coll” He was an Puerto Rican-American model and actress, And also win the Title of ‘Miss Puerto Rico in 1967’.
  • * On 18 June, 1948, “Sherry Turkle” He was an American academic, psychologist, and sociologist.
  • * On 18 June, 1949, “Jaroslaw Kaczynski” He was an Polish lawyer and politician, And He also become The 13th Prime Minister of Poland
  • * On 18 June, 1950, “Mike Johanns” He was an American lawyer and politician, And He also become The 28th United States Secretary of Agriculture.
  • * On 18 June, 1952, “Tiiu Aro” He was an Estonian physician and politician, And He also become The Estonian Minister of Social Affairs.
  • * On 18 June, 1952, “Lee Soo-man” He was an South Korean singer and businessman, And he was also founded S.M. Entertainment (SM Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company established in 1995 by Lee Soo-man).
  • * On 18 June, 1959, “Joe Ansolabehere” He was an American animation screenwriter and producer.
  • * On 18 June, 1966, “Kurt Browning” He was an Canadian figure skater, sportscaster, and choreographer.
  • * On 18 June, 1972, “Wikus du Toit” South African actor, composer, and director.
  • * On 18 June, 1976, “Blake Shelton” He was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.
  • * On 18 June1981, “Clint Newton” He was an American-Australian rugby league player.
  • * On 18 June, 1985, “Alex Hirsch” He was an American animator and television producer.
  • * On 18 June, 1989, “Pierre Emerick Aubameyang” He was born in French, And he was an Gabonese footballer
  • * On 18 June, 1990, “Mitsuki Tanimura” He was an Japanese actress.
  • * On 18 June, 1996, “Niki Wories” He was an Dutch figure skater.
  • * On 18 June, 1997, “Latrell Mitchell” He was an Australian rugby league player.


And Now, Let’s Talk about some Holidays on 18 June. And, Where these Holiday from.


  • * Waterloo Day: On 18 June, Waterloo Day was Celebrated in United Kingdom.
  • * Queen Mother’s Birthday: On 18 June, Queen Mother’s Birthday was Celebrated in Cambodia.
  • * Autistic Pride Day: On 18 June, Autistic Pride Day was Celebrated in International.
  • * Human Rights Day: On 18 June, Human Rights Day was Celebrated in Azerbaijan.
  • * National Day: On 18 June, National Day was Celebrated in Seychelles.
  • * Foundation Day: On 18 June, Foundation Day was Celebrated in Benguet.

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What actually happened on 17th June ? Full Details

What actually happened on 17th June  Full Details
What actually happened on 17th June  Full Details

What actually happened on 17th June  Full Details

In June, There is 30 Day in a Month. And, as you know that 17 June is the 17th Day of this Month (June)

If we see according to Calender, 17 June is 168th day of the Year. Or, There i only 197 Days Left in the end of the Year.

Now, We see on this day which famous celebrity birthday was there. Or who is his?

  • * On 17 June, 1530, “Francois de Montmorency” He was an Scientist and French nobleman.
  • * On 17 June, 1610, “Birgitte Thott” He was an Danish scholar, translator, and writer
  • * On 17 June, 1631, “Gauharara Begum” She was an Mughal (Islamic) daughter of Shah Jahan (Who make Taj Mahal)
  • * On 17 June 1691, “Giovanni Paolo Panini” He was an Very Talented Italian painter and architect.
  • * On 17 June, 1693, “Johann Georg Walch” He was an German theologian and author.
  • * On 17 June, 1704, “John Kay” He was an English engineer, And he also invented the Flying shuttle (Very Important for Flying Vehicles like Areoplane, Jet Plane, Helicoptor).
  • * On 17 June, 1714, “Cesar Francois Cassini de Thury” He was an French cartographer, and astronomer.
  • * On 17 June, 1800, “William Parsons” He was an ‘3rd Earl of Rosse’, English-Irish politician, and astronomer.
  • * On 17 June, 1808, “Henrik Wergeland” He was an Norwegian poet, linguist, and playwright.
  • * On 17 June, 1821, “E.G. Squier” He was an American archaeologist and journalist.
  • * On 17 June, 1858, “Eben Sumner Draper” He was an American politician, and Skillful Businessman, And he was also an 44th Governor of Massachusetts.
  • * On 17 June, 1867, “John Robert Gregg” He was an Irish-born American educator, Humanitarian, and Publisher.
  • * On 17 June, 1871, “James Weldon Johnson” He was an American journalist, author, and activist.
  • * On 17 June, 1876, “Edward Anthony Spitzka” He was an American author, and anatomist.
  • * On 17 June, 1880, “Carl Van Vechten” He was an American photographer, and author.
  • * On 17 June, 1881, “Tommy Burns” He was an Canadian promoter, and boxer.
  • * On 17 June, 1882, “Igor Stravinsky” He was an Russian pianist, conductor, and composer 
  • * On 17 June, 1897, “Maria Izilda de Castro Ribeiro” She was an Brazilian girl, Famous saint.
  • * On 17 June, 1898, “Carl Hermann” He was an German physicist and academic
  • * On 17 June, 1900, “Evelyn Irons” He was an Scottish journalist and war correspondent.
  • * On 17 June, 1902, “Sammy Fain” He was an American pianist and composer.
  • * On 17 June, 1903, “Ruth Graves Wakefield” He was an American chef, And also created the chocolate chip cookie
  • * On 17 June, 1904, “John Vernon McGee” He was an American pastor and theologian.
  • * On 17 June, 1907, “Maurice Cloche” He was an French director, screenwriter, and producer.
  • * On 17 June, 1909, “Elmer Lee Andersen” American businessman and politician, 30th Governor of Minnesota.
  • * On 17 June, 1910, “Red Foley” He was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.
  • * On 17 June, 1915, “David Stringbean Akeman” He was an very nice American singer and banjo player.
  • * On 17 June, 1917, “Dufferin Roblin” He was an Canadian politician, And also be the 14th Premier of Manitoba.
  • * On 17 June, 1919, “John Moffat” He was an Scottish lieutenant and pilot.
  • * On 17 June, 1920, “Francois Jacob” He was an Great French biologist and geneticist, And also win Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 17 June, 1920, “Peter Le Cheminant” He was an English air marshal and politician, And also be the ‘Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey’.
  • * On 17 June, 1927, “Wally Wood” He was an American author, illustrator, and publisher. 
  • * On 17 June, 1929, “Bud Collins” He was an Famous American journalist and sportscaster.
  • * On 17 June, 1931, “John Baldessari” He was an American painter and illustrator.
  • * On 17 June, 1936, “Ken Loach” He was an English director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • * On 17 June, 1937, “Clodovil Hernandes” He was an Famous Brazilian fashion designer, politician, and television presenter.
  • * On 17 June, 1940, “George Akerlof” He was an Knowledgeable American economist and academic, And also was a Nobel Prize laureate.
  • * On 17 June, 1943, “Newt Gingrich” He was an Great American historian and politician, And also was a 58th Speaker of the United States (USA) House of Representatives.
  • * On 17 June, 1944, “Chris Spedding” He was an English singer-songwriter and guitarist.
  • * On 17 June, 1945, “Ken Livingstone” He was an English politician, 1st Mayor of London.
  • * On 17 June, 1945, “Art Bell” He was an American broadcaster and author, And also be one of the founder and the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM (Coast to Coast AM is an American late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics. Most frequently the topics relate to either the paranormal).
  • * On 17 June, 1947, “Gregg Rolie” He was an American rock singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Santana, Journey).
  • * On 17 June, 1948, “Dave Concepcion” He was an Venezuelan baseball player and manager.

And Now, Let’s Talk about some Holidays on 17 June. And, Where these holiday from.

  • * World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought: On 17 June, World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought was Celebrated in International.
  • * Zemla Intifada Day: On 17 June, Zemla Intifada Day was Celebrated in (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic).
  • * Occupation of the Latvian Republic Day: On 17 June, Occupation of the Latvian Republic Day was celebrated in Latvia.
  • * Father’s Day: On 17 June, Father’s Day was celebrated in El Salvador, Guatemala.

What actually happened on 16th June ? Full Details

What actually happened on 16th June ? Full Details
What actually happened on 16th June ? Full Details

In June, There is 30 Day in a Month. And, as you know that 16 Juneis the 16th Day of this Month (June)

If we see according to Calender, 16 June is 167th day of the Year. Or, There i only 198 Days Left in the end of the Year.

Now, We see on this day which famous celebrity birthday was there. Or who is his?
* On 16 June, 1139, “Konoe” he was the Emperor of Japan

* On 16 June, 1332, “Isabella de Coucy” she was English Daughter of Edward 3 (III) of England.

* On 16 June, 1591, “Joseph Solomon Delmedigo” He was a  mathematician, theorist, and Greek
Italian physician.

* On 16 June, 1644, ” Henrietta Anne Stuart” She was a Princess of Scotland, Ireland, and England.

* On 16 June, 1801, “Julius Plücker” He was a German mathematician and physicist.

* On 16 June, 1838, “Frederic Archer” He was a Conductor, English organist, and Composer.

* On 16 June, 1840, “Ernst Otto Schlick” He was a German engineer and a Great author.

* On 16 June, 1888, “Peter Stoner” He was a Very Experinced astronomer, and American

* On 16 June, 1890, “Stan Laurel” He was a English actor and Good comedian.

* On 16 June, 1906, “Alan Fairfax’ He was a Perfect Player of that time Australian cricketer.

* On 16 June, 1907, “Jack Albertson” He was a Great American actor.

* On 16 June, 1922, “Ilmar Kullam” He was a Estonian basketball player and coach and In his
Coaching Many Time Estonian Basketball Team Catch the Match. And they win many tournaments also.

* On 16 June, 1934, “Roger Neilson” He was a Canadian ice hockey player and coach. He was a Nice and Talented Coach.

* On 16 June, 1938, “Joyce Carol Oates” He was a very talented men and he was a short story writer, critic, Poet, and American novelist.

* On 16 June, 1942, “Eddie Levert” He was a American R&B/soul singer-songwriter, Actor, and Musician.

* On 16 June, 1945, “Lucienne Robillard” He was a Skillful and Kind Hearted Canadian social worker and politician, 59th Secretary of Canada.

* On 16 June, 1946, “Derek Sanderson” He was Smart and He know the Trick to Win there Matches Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster.

* On 16 June, 1947, “Tom Wyner” Profession is producer, English-American voice actor, screenwriter, and director.

* On 16 June, 1950, “Mithun Chakraborty” He was a Very Famous Indian Actor. And he was know as is an Indian film actor, social worker, singer, entrepreneur, writer, producer, television presenter and a former Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament

* On 16 June, 1965, “Michael Richard Lynch” He was a very Intelligent and Profession is Irish computer scientist and entrepreneur, And he was also co-founded HP Autonomy (HP Autonomy, previously Autonomy Corporation PLC, is a multinational enterprise software company founded in Cambridge, United Kingdom in 1996).

* On 16 June, 1966, “Phil Vischer” He was a Good American Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Producer, and director. And also co-created VeggieTales (VeggieTales is an American series of children’s computer animated television shows, videos, and feature films featuring anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables).

* On 16 June, 1970, “Younus AlGohar” He was a Great Pakistani poet and academic; And also a co-founded Messiah Foundation International (Messiah Foundation International also known as ‘MFI’. Or Messiah Foundation International (MFI) is a spiritual organisation formally established in 2002 to promote the Goharian).

* On 16 June, 1974, “Glenicia James” He was a West Indian cricketer.

* On 16 June, 1987, “Diana DeGarmo” She was a Very Good American singer-songwriter and Talented actress.

* On 16 June, 1991, “Matt Moylan” He was a Australian rugby league player. From Australian Rugby Team he plays many league and get win also.

And Now, Let’s Talk about some Holidays on 16 June. And, Where these holiday from.

* Youth Day: On 16 June, Youth day was Celebrated in South Africa.

* Father’s Day: On 16 June, Father’s Day was Celebrated in Seychelles.

* Sussex Day: On 16 June, Sussex Day was Celebrated in Sussex.

* Engineer’s Day: On 16 June, Engineer’s Day was Celebrated in Argentina.

* International Day of the African Child: On 16 June, International Day of the African Child was
Celebrated in Organisation of African Unity.

* Brithday of Leonard Percival Howell: On 16 June, Brithday of Leonard Percival Howell was celebrated in Rastafari.

* Blooms day: On 16 June, Blooms day was celebrated in Dublin and Ireland.

October Movie Release Date | Trailer Review | Varun Dhavan

October Movie Release Date | Trailer Review | Varun Dhavan 

As you guys know Varun Dhawan, as he is seen in films, it is also like this, funny and funny to the people that he is going to play a few serials in October, in his upcoming movie. I would have seen it as Badlapur movie that I played a little serious role, according to the sources report, Varun will present in the October movie in a different way. Report of

October movie release date 

October movie release date 13th april weekend special movie 

Watch Trailer October Movie | Varun Dhavan |

Fukrey Returns | Full Movie | Review | Box office Collection

Fukrey Returns | full Movie | Review |

 Artist :         Pulkit Samrat, Richa Chadda, Ali Faizal, Manjot Singh, Varun Sharma

Directo :             Mrigdeep Singh lamba

Movie Type :       Comedy,Thriller

Time Period :    2 Hour 15 Minute 

Movie Rating :    


In the year 2013, the film ‘Fukrey made a special identity in the heart of the people. The film’s comedy was very good and new characters acted very well. The makers of the film have made a second part of it to make the audience laugh. ‘Fukrey Returns’ has been released on December 8. Know how this movie is made

Stroy Of  Fukrey Returns
Whenever there is talk of strayed youths in films, as this age is the reason that some silly and some smart characters are fabricated. One such movie is ‘Fukrey Returns’.
After school study, friendship of Honey (Pulkit Samrat) and Chucha (Varun Sharma) did not diminish.The story of ‘Fukrey Returns’ is similar to the story of four friends like ‘Fukre’. Manjot Singh, Pulakit Samrat, Varun Sharma and Ali Fazal Those who had sent Bhola to Bhola in Phukre, Ritcha Chadha was sent to jail. Bholei comes out of the jail and collects all four and compels new frogs. How the four of them are trapped in this trap and come out, this story is made on ‘Fukka Returns’.

The director takes the film very well till the director Mrigdeep Singh Interval, but after the interval the film gets out of control. Poor dialogue and civilizational comedy makes the repetition view cumbersome.

Talking about acting, Pankaj Tripathi has given a great performance. Richa Chadha is seen in her role. All actors try to live on their own according to their character. But the weaker story has turned all over!

The box office has been lying drought since last 3 weeks. The audience lacks the option, in such a situation, ‘Fukrey Returns’ will do business but, like ‘Fukrey’, it will not be able to drop its marks. Overall, ‘Fukrey Returns’ is an average film that can be avoided.

Fukrey Returns Box Office Collection

According to a latest report on, the film has raked in as much as Rs 64.50 crore in just ten days of its release with Sunday’s collection being Rs 6.75 crore.


Padman | Trailer | Review | Storey | Akshya Kumar |

Padman | Triler | Review | Storey | Akshya Kumar |

New Delhi: Waiting for the trailer of ‘Padman’ movie finally ended, which till now millions of people have watched. The specialty of the film, which was created by the brilliant act of broken English, is attracting people’s attention on a serious topic. The same old style of Akshay is seen in the film. They are talking about a laughing job, and are making a precise target. Exactly like ‘Toilet: a love story’ This time too, their goal is to talk about half the population. The film trailer starts like an action movie dialogue The movie trailer is 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Which begins with the strong voice of Bollywood legend actor Amitabh Bachchan. using the finest dialogue, says, ‘America has Superman, Batman is a Spider Man but India has’ Padman’.

Real hero of the Padman

Arunachalam is based on the real life story of a person named Muruganatham. Arunachalam made cheap and Affordable Sanitary pads for women, for which they had to face tough challenges. This film reflects their struggle. When Muruganath was younger, only then his father died in a road accident, after which his mother had wage wages, which led to him being removed from the school, to run the house, due to which he would be working at the age of 14 Today, he is known as the country‘s entrepreneur on his hard work, the same Muruganatham says that he wants to use the women sanitary napkins of every village

Realise Date of Padman 
Akshay Kumar’s movie will be released on Republic Day tomorrow